Special!! For Michelle’s English Class:

This is a blog post about things to do in winter.  I really want to know how you are doing in your class?  I heard that there is no Chinese in your class!  Oh how I want to know how you are doing?  I can’t wait to see you guys again.  My next blog post will be about Mine Craft I don’t even know if you know what Mine Craft is.

I love winter.  I know you haven’t seen piles and piles and piles and piles and piles of snow!!  I have seen piles of snow and besides outside right now is a BIG pile of snow.


You can turn picnic tables into tunnels if there is enough snow!

Pretty frost

Make a snow angel by flopping down in the snow and wave your arm’s and legs

Swinging in the cold!

You can dig a tunnel or a room in the piles of snow


The snow in front of our house

You gotta dress well!

You gotta dress for the weather.

Walking in the snow. We make houses and rooms and beds and even a toilet out of snow!

Making snow trails is fun!

This is what it turns out to look like!

The swing does not work very well!

This is a BIG pile of snow

This is called hoar frost. It covers the trees sometimes making them sparkling white