Hello, woof woof, today I am going to tell you about the day I got a great surprise!

One day I woke up and looked at the calendar. Today was my birthday, yea! I raced down the hall and into the kitchen. My mom and I started getting ready for guests, my cousin showed up first she came to help get ready for the party. I ran into the office to get something for the party, but instead, I found something else.

It was a fake adoption certificate. I did not get to read the whole thing before my mom covered the certificate with her hand. That is not for you she said. She took the certificate and put it somewhere else. Then I got so busy I forgot about the certificate.

Then the guests started to arrive. When my cousins came they had grace in a giant gift bag and Gracie had a bow on her harness. I had so much fun at my party. I loved all my gifts but Gracie was the best gift of all.