I am going to tell you about my view of Covid19. I have just come from Taiwan. Taiwan has done a great job of keeping their communities safe from the virus. Taiwan made everyone take temperatures, clean hands, and wear masks when they went to public places. The schools are still running and churches are too.

When we were in the airport almost all the flights were cancelled. So my view of Covid19 is that if the whole community works together they can kill the virus. The airport was empty with only 10 or 20 people at our gate. They did not serve hot meals and drinks on the plane. Air

Canada and Taiwan are great examples of how we should handle the virus. I think that Canada and all the other countries in the world can learn from Taiwan.

  • Taiwan had experience with SARS so they started right away to stop the virus, Canada didn’t
  • Taiwan put people in quarantine and paid them to stay there
  • Taiwan made disease taxis to help people get to and from places they needed to go safely
  • Taiwan did not use Social Distancing, Canada did
  • Taiwan fined people 1, 000, 000 NT for breaking quarantine right away
  • Taiwan helped people not be afraid, they told them where the outbreaks were, Canada did not do this.