There is something cool that we did on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

We created an awesome amazing fantastic Rube Goldberg machine!!!!

This is how it worked in my brother’s words.

I decided to make a Rube Goldberg machine. The first thing I needed was a nerf gun to start it off. Then I used the nerf gun to shoot a target that was flipped upside down. When I shot the target, it flipped up, and when it flipped up it hit a roll of duck tape which rolled onto a space bar on a computer. I programmed Dash my robot to move forward 5 inches so when the space bar got pressed Dash went to work going forward 5 inches. Oh no! The computer got broken, a smashed screen. I guess I can’t use Dash anymore.

Instead of using Dash, I am going to get the duct tape to hit a line of dominos which will get bigger and bigger tell the biggest one won’t fall down it will just get bumped. The biggest domino will get bumped just enough to let a train roll down a piece of plywood. The train will hit a piece of wood the piece of wood is staying in place because of a long Gravi-track piece. When the train hits the piece of wood the wood moves and the track moves. When the track moves it presses a button which releases a magnetic ball which goes down a track and hits a magnetic cannon.

The magnetic cannon releases a ball when the other ball reaches it. The other ball reaches the cannon and the ball comes flying out! When the ball comes flying out it hits a track of dominos. At the end of the track of dominos, there is a Skipo gamebox . When the dominos go down, the weight of the dominos are not there anymore, so the Skipo game falls down. On top of the Skipo game, there is a pop can with coins in it to make it heavy. When the Skipo game falls the pop can falls too, but the pop can is tied to a light switch, so when the pop can falls it TURNS OUT THE LIGHT!

Written by Kaden Phibbs

It is time for you to know why we built our rube Goldberg machine. There are two boys in Nicaragua that need 200 USA dollars each so they can go to school.

  1. If anyone would like to join in, find a sponsor (or sponsor yourself)
  2. Built your Rube Goldberg machine
  3. Send us a video of your machine (we would love to see it – big or small doesn’t matter)
  4. Donate the sponsored money to LASM

Also I have a challenge for the boys in Nicaragua, to make their own Rube Goldberg machine and send us a video of it. If we get video submissions we will make a follow up blog post about it.

Kayla Phibbs


Kaden Phibbs

Rube Goldberg Machine Fundraiser Challenge

Step 1: Find a Sponsor

Step 2: Design your Rube Goldberg Machine

Step 3: Build it

Step 4: Send us a video!

Step 5: Donate to LASM

This is our Rube Goldberg machine (above) we hope you are inspired to build your own.

Molly and Me

Molly and Me

This is Molly and Me when we were younger. Molly lives in Nicaragua.  Her Mom founded LIght and Salt Ministries.


  1. How much does one Tim Hortons or Starbucks coffee cost?               Tim Horton’s coffee is $1.79 Starbucks is $2.75.
  2. How much money would we raise if 20 people gave up one Tim Horton’s coffee a month?           $35.80
  3. If we did that for 6 months how much would we raise?                   $ 214.80