I like the ice festival.

I love the ice festival.

Do you love ice?

I really really liked the ice festival.  I know the ice festival was pretty because I was there.  I know that the ice carvings were made by people, not by a machine.  They weren’t robots they were people!  Some of those people was my Aunty Sarah and Uncle Nathan!  They won first prize and 600$ for a horse carving.

I got popcorn from of the Mayor of Dawson Creek.  I am with the mayor of Dawson Creek in the title picture.  I really really really want you to know that the Dawson Creek Mayor gave me a pin.  He also gave me a magazine.

I really liked the ice festival because there was ice slides. The next day I went to a sleigh ride. My Mamma said it was fun but I didn’t think it was so fun because I expected them to go fast but they didn’t.  I expected it to be different but I still liked it.

I really really really want you to know about my journey at the ice festival.




Tools for an ice carving are
  • Rough cutting tools such as chainsaw and handsaw
  • Shaping and smoothing tools such as flat chisel, six prong, angle grinder, keyhole saw and ice knife
  • Detailing tools such as V chisel, V or straight bit on die grinder and straight bit or ice needle on a dremel tool
  • Electric hand-held blower for cleanups and other freezer work

The ice festival in Fort St. John