On the way to the beach we saw a cemetery. This is what one looks like in Taiwan

The Bridge has eight humps and is made to look like a dragon's tail

Up we go!

The Dragon Bridge has eight humps.  The Japanese people designed it.  It was in honor of a god of theirs.  The Dragon bridge looks like a dragon. From a tall mountain it definitely looks like a dragon.  It almost looks like a dragon is alive!

I had a WONDERFUL time on the Island with my Mom, Dad, and brother.  It was rainy but I still had a wonderful time.  My favorite part of the trip was seeing a snake!  I actually saw it but my Mom didn’t.  It was long.  I thought it was a long as the tunnel, but it wasn’t.

There was a light house on the island.  It was fun to go up there.  The stairs were steep but you could still go up them. We saw a fisherman’s boat near the island.  Have you ever seen a dragon bridge?  If you have tell me.  I think the dragon bridge is maybe the only one? But if you see a dragon that doesn’t have eight humps and it’s on it movie, it still counts.




The end of the day, time to go home

This is a video from my last year's trip to the Island

IF you are brave enough. Click on this video and see what we saw in the cave while exploring the Island!