Kayla and I got to go on an adventure that will be remembered by both of us forever.Kayla and I got to go on an adventure that will be remembered by both of us forever.
On our way home after a bike ride with all the cousins, zooming through the Taiwanese air, we heard a beautiful sound.  So much of Taiwan reminds me of art and culture but this was unique.   The sounds of an opera flooded around us.
“That music is beautiful!”  I said.
“Do you want to go?” Michelle said.
“Sure let’s do it!”
So with Kayla on her little pink bike, we turned our direction to the sound of the music.  Kayla had never ridden on any public road before but she did great.
The scene was set as loud Opera music flooded us. People were coming and going as a night market feel came over us.  Check out Kayla’s blog about Night markets if you haven’t seen one.
The stage was decorated with Chinese dragons and two women sang.
“What are they singing about?”   Kayla asked.
“It is a Traditional story told to us as kids.” her Aunt replied. “It is a love story about a Spider Princess who falls in love with a Prince. She tries to trap him. A monkey comes to his rescue.”
Then a fight started between the monkey and the Spider princesses men.  Leaps and flips were all over the stage.  They danced with swords and really was quite stunning.  We didn’t have a camera so when it was close to the end.  We biked home and got a scooter back ride to try and film it.
There were so many people that we couldn’t get close enough to make a very good video or take really clear pictures but I hope you like them as we share about our Taiwanese surprise.
Written by Naomi Phibbs
Kayla helped me write it by helping me remember the day