Hello sorry it took so long to get this post up. It is a very old one.  I am going to tell you now about the trip to the Arena Volcano.  

It was a long drive. It took longer than we expected it to.  We ended up only getting to go on one bridge. But we did still get to see the volcanos.  We got to see one bridge and one snake that was poisonous, one of the most poisonous in the world.  It was a very special bridge.  They were hanging bridges.  They hung over the mountain’s floor.     

It was neat to be in the rain forest.  I wish I had seen a monkey!  We got back in our car and headed back. It was a very long drive. 

We went down the mountain hills and we got lost on the mountain roads.  Finally, we got home to our snug little condo and went to bed.