We headed to our hotel because not overbooked but over weight! So we had to go to a hotel to stay
there for one night before we went to Nicaragua.

The Mexican Airport is very different. We have to ride on a bus to get to our airplane. I was
very sad when the plane got over booked. We were the ones that had to stay behind.
But we met two people who had to stay behind too. They were very good friends with us.

I did not like the drive to the hotel because it took so long because there was lots of traffic.
We got stuck in lots of traffic jams.
Me found out there were was 18 million people in Mexico city! I guess there is a million people in the
I kinda liked the hotel though, in the restaurant we got to eat french friessssss! Kaden thought the
lights were Christmas lights, so he thought it was Christmas. But we didn’t get presents.
Our hotel room had 2 balconies, (insert big 2) now two!
In the airport we met someone who had a Trunkie like us. They were on a different airplane.
That’s it for now! See you another day!

Jaden I wrote this for you. Can’t wait till you get here.

Kayla bean

PS, videos to come soon!