What is different from markets in Taiwan verses markets in Canada?  They are outside. They sell squid in the day and in the night market. I actually ate a squid tentacle before!

Was it prickly? NO it was slimy.  Sweat and sour slimy sauce!

What do you like about the markets in Taiwan?  I liked all the veggies.

If you buy a roast chicken in Taiwan is it the same as Canada? No it comes with it’s head and feet on it!

What did you not like about the markets in Taiwan?  That they stunk like fish.

How did you get to the markets in Taiwan?  I rode in a bike trailer!  It was a busy road.

What kind of money did you have to give them?  NT which stands for New Taiwanese dollars.  150$ is only 6$ Canadian.

Is the Taiwanese money all in coins or paper and Canada?  They are coins and dollars.  They are different colors.  The hundred is red. The thousand dollar bill is blue.   Also about the money in Taiwan there is little tiny writing that is all in Chinese. I think that it is a secret message.   I will have to ask my Aunty to find out what it says.

When you went to the day time market, what was your favorite place to go? It was a fruit store. I actually went there to buy a pomegranate for my mother’s Christmas present. Did mamma share it with you? Yes she did.

What was your favorite fruit to buy?  Star fruits.  It tastes a little sour so I only got it once.  I loved Lychee and yellow watermelons!

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Things you find on the shelves, bins, and other ways they sell things

Dried sardines
Common scene