Not at Safeway!  It was across the street.  I also bought eggs today BY MYSELF!

On June the twentieth I bought eggs by myself at the store, across the street.
But my Mamma wanted 6 eggs.  She gave me 20 Cordoba but when I got to the store and asked for 6 eggs they only gave me 5 because I didn’t have enough money.
I actually argued with him for a while.  I said sies and he said cinco. I said sies and he said ‘Cinco’. Then I went back home and told my mom that I only got 5 eggs because I didn’t have enough money.

Then Mommy made eggs for Daddy and Kaden.

I bought milk and it was very crazy.
A little song you can read it. Or if you want to sing it in your own tune.
A – A – A A little song a little song
A little song a little song.
Ooh I went to the store and bought milk
I didn’t have enough money so I had to go back to get more money
to get more money, to get more money
It was 14 Cordoba, it was 14 Cordoba
Do da te dota la do Doda la dotalado
Is the store the same as Canada?
No.  It isn’t.
Is it a Nicaraguan store?
IT is it is it is dootaleedo.
Nicaraguan stores are usually people’s homes that they open up to sell things.

The end.