Shoot me?  It is on the dolphin aquarium. In stead of please take a picture it says ‘shoot me!’  An Engrish sign is Chinese and English mixed up together to make Engrish!  I LOVE the signs and I love the little map of the bathroom.  Do you know what I really like? It is don’t randomly touch emergency valve.   But the one that is not very funny is ‘wish you a good journey’ that the hello kitty is saying.  It is on the Hello Kitty train.

Did you know that I went on the Hello Kitty train?  Melisa did not yet.  She wants to though I just know it.  I road it back to Yuli from the Ocean Park.  So it is kinda wierd that there is a map of the bathroom.  This is where you are in a tiny bathroom.  Can you believe it?  It is funny isn’t it.  Ya it is very funny don’t you think. If you think it is, tell me.  Don’t you think the dolphin is so cute. If you do tell me.



This one is describing the laundry spinner at the hot springs



Dangerous substances such as knives!

Very cute map to a train bathroom. (it was only 2 feet long!)

Their way of saying keep out of the pen!

Check out the cow picture!