• How much does a Starbucks coffee cost? VENTE $2.45 CND
  • How much does 3 pounds of beans and 3 pounds of rice cost?  150 Cordoba

Beans cost 25 Cordoba per pound

Rice costs 25 Cordoba per pound

Canadian dollar is 25 Cordoba to 1 Canadian dollar

This is Orlando, whose dream was to have a little shop and raise money for the poor. He wants to help children whose parents aren’t able to feed them because they are doing drugs or have no resources. So I and my Aunty and my brother got beans and rice and put them in a bag with a picture. Orlando added some tomatoes and an onion and a potato from his shop. He also raised money for a pot so he could cook beans and rice for the kids. He gave the bags to families he knew needed them. It fed one family for a week.
Can we still help! Yes! We can send money to our trustworthy friend on the island and we can continue this dream of his. I know someONE who would love to help out poor people too. Orlando is a kind, nice, man, who cares for people. If you wanna help him out send me a message in the comments below!
Kayla Phibbs


How many coffees does it take to feed a hungry family?