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It is something Minions LOVE!  Can you guess what it is?

They are tiny, small, medium, and large!  Just like McDonald french fries!  This is the thing to grow on trees! It is a banana!  Can you guess where they grow?  In Taiwan and in Nicaragua!  Why can they grow here but not in Canada? Because it is hotter here than Canada.   It is hotter because we are in a different side of the world.

There are so many kinds of bananas (that minions like says my brother).  Minions ate so many bananas in Taiwan that they all turned yellow.  LOL

We make banana pancakes, banana cakes, banana cookies, everything is made out of bananas.  I am kinda getting bored of bananas! But I wont’ turn into a minion though!    Bye

We went looking for minions in Taiwan and we found two!