I really like this house. Do you know why I like this house?  It is because it is very, very, very old and it is very fancy too.  What you can see on one of the pictures someone is getting fanned, and my Mamma thought maybe he was a king.  The pictures tell stories.

My favorite thing about this house was the living room.  The living room had a shrine in it.  If you don’t know what a shrine is I will tell you.  It is a place where people burn things to other god’s.  What was really funny was that the shrine had fruit on it.



Every design is made of wood and painted by Chinese artists in 1925

The doors inside were simple hallways separating rooms.

A very special lantern

A close up

Facts about the house
  • The house was made in 1925.
  • It was built by men that came from China.
  • The art work is carved in the wood and then painted.
  • Now it is a heritage site here in Taiwan