The Diamonte Adventure park started off just miles from a beautiful beach in Costa Rica.  What did we love about the park?

We loved all of it!  They picked us up in great big jungle trucks.

What was our favorite animal at the park to see?

The Tucans! We even got to feed them.  All of the animals in the park were rescued.

What did we learn about frogs at the park?

Poisonous frogs get their poison from the food they eat!  They come in all shapes and sizes but not as big as a dinosaur!

Kaden loved all of the things we went to see.  He loved the crocodiles and the monkeys and the Toucans too.  But no one was brave enough to do the ziplining.  Maybe next time!  It was because the superman zipline went 65 km’s an hour! To fast!

There is a very special monkey we wanted to tell you all about who’s name was Lou.  He was special because he had his tail chopped off! His owner did it because he was being mischievous.  Now he is the strongest monkey in the whole of the park because his arms and legs are stronger than the rest because he doesn’t have a tail!

If you all want to visit the park let me know!


Love Kayla, Kaden, and Naomi (written by all of us)