Look up!

They grow gardens everywhere in Taiwan!  I am getting bored of seeing gardens there are so many.(Jking)

Bike riding in Taiwan is fun to do.  Especially on the bike trail.  You are semi safe on the bike trail cause there are scooters and other bikes that sometimes use the bike trail too.  But I love to ride my bike so when another bike or a scooter comes I go to the side of the trail and wait for it to pass.

My favorite thing about bike riding is sometimes I get to ride too the bridge.  On that bridge are two large feet. I can sit or stand by them.  Maybe I will do a post by those feet soon!

Love Kayla – Bye!

Our snack , lychee yummy!

Lychee has a hard shell which you pop open. You eat a white colored inside and spit out the seed!