Mommy, Kaden, and Kayla(that is me) went to the market to buy food.  It didn’t look the same as a Canadien market.  It wasn’t in Canada! The roads were covered in scooters!  The people in the market spoke Chinese.  Chinese sounds like ‘ni how ma?’ which means ‘how are you?’.  And ‘ni how’ means hello.

They sell stinky stuff like stinky seafood, and squid.  Which I do not like!  But I am missing so much French fries.  You can buy fresh pineapple which I really like!

I do not like the chicken feet fried!  Would you?  Who would be brave enough to eat the chicken feet fried!  How much would you pay me to see me eating a chicken foot fried?!

Like, they eat ducks, with the heads on them!  Cooked ducks!  EEE, I would not want to eat one of those!